Gift Hampers or Gift Baskets?

As the ski season changes from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere we see the arrival of thousands of Aussies to Canada. They fill our ski resorts as lifties, hospitality workers, maintenance workers, ski instructors and fun loving ski hosts. As a result of this Aussie winter invasion we get a great influx of Gift Hamper orders.

The term Hamper is a British term for a large wicker basket. These large baskets where often used for the delivery and transportation of food. In Canada the term Laundry Hamper is still used but we think people do not want to associate dirty laundry with gifts so we don’t use the term Gift Hamper much.

Regardless we still like Gift Hampers and we make a lot of them. Wicker baskets are still very popular and make excellent containers for gifts. These days gift boxes, gift hampers, gift tins, gift bags, gifts baskets and gift cases and trunks are all used.

So if you or your friends in Australia or the UK are looking for a nice Canada gift hamper or a holiday gift hamper for the traveling aussie here in Canada please give us a call. We will change the name on the message to “Here is a beautiful Gift Hamper for you and yours this holiday seasons” jut to make everyone feel like that back at home. For Gift Hamper delivery details in Canada or for top cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, Toronto, Victoria or Halifax give us a call and we will arrange shipment. For overseas orders we of course ship worldwide with Fedex and can also provide a price for Canadian Gift Hampers for friends overseas.