How to Plan for your Corporate Holiday Gift Buying Needs

If you are a PA or corporate secretary tasked with the annual job of buying corporate gift baskets for your VPs, regional offices or top clients then the following will definitely help with your gift basket  buying and gift basket delivery issues. As you may know Express Gift Basket is one of Canada’s oldest Gift basket companies and has recently launched a new website that features several custom order and gift basket shipping options to make this task easy and straightforward.

The new features include the ability to add a shipping address before you check out. This enables you to work through your corporate gift list and systematically add the delivery details immediately at the time of selecting the basket. This saves considerable time at check out when it is time to pay for the orders.

The gift basket delivery options also allow a future date to be selected as the shipping date. You can order a basket in November and select a date in December for when the gift basket is to be shipped. This delivery option is convenient and allows the corporate buyer to purchase in advance and take advantage of early order discounts and gift basket coupons often available in October before the mad Rush.