Christmas Gift Baskets & Holiday Gift Baskets for delivery in Canada

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Christmas gift baskets and Holiday gift baskets in Canada have some new guidelines when it comes to shipping Wine Gift Baskets across Canada. Express Gift Baskets has managed thousands of deliveries over the years to some obscure and remote places.

Wine shipments-

What you may not know is that recently the federal and provincial governments changed an old protectionist inter-provincial trade law that prohibited the shipment of wine across provincial boarders. The new law permits inter-provincial wine shipments to allow shipment of wine for personal consumption across the provinces.

There are a few rules as you can imagine. The wine must be 100% Canadian in origin and, as mentioned, for personal consumption. In key destinations like Alberta and Manitoba those provinces have allowed for no restrictions. According to Susan Harrison MLCC senior communications co-ordinator...,

"At this time, there are no restrictions on quantity, again providing it is for personal consumption only. If a Manitoban discovers a great Canadian winery while on vacation and it's a wine that we are unable to carry, they now have the ability to easily obtain that wine for themselves.

With Royal Assent, our Act now allows for Manitobans to directly purchase wine for their personal use from Canadian wineries and have it shipped to them (via an authorized shipping company, not Canada Post) without having to go through the MLCC,"

That is good news for Canadian wine lovers and wine gift baskets that are shipping across Canada. And remember, for shipping orders this holiday season order early and select our Ship-on-date in the checkout process. This allows you to place your order and have the gift basket shipped on a future date. In this way you can ship closer to the holiday season or the week that you would like the gift to arrive at a corporate office, business or home address.

Someone over 19 years of age must sign for the package.

Gift Baskets in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and other top Canadian locations can now benefit from this new policy this holiday season.