Costco Holiday Gift Baskets

Godiva Holiday Gift Set

I'm blessed to have many relatives and friends and my gift list is pretty long. Considering the fact that holiday season is rich in occasions when you will want to say thank you to people you hold dear, I start shopping for holiday gifts early, in late October.

My favorite store for Christmas gifts is Costco. They have great selection of various gourmet gift baskets, and their prices are the lowest.

Costco Gourmet Gift Basket

Costco is a perfect one stop place for all my holiday gift needs. But last year I missed the chance to get Costco gift baskets as they sold out very fast, so this season I decided to start shopping for gifts early, as soon as the gift baskets became available. Here is what amazing gift baskets I found at Costco this year.

Costco Holiday Gift Baskets

My husband is not a morning person and without a cup of coffee he can't even talk. For the main coffee lover in my life, I got this Starbucks Holiday Tumbler Gift Set for $24.99. It has traditional Christmas colors and comes in a holiday wrapping with golden ribbons. There are two tumblers in a set, and it means that he can keep one at work and one at home. I'm sure he will be happy with the gift.

Starbucks Multi-Gift Set at Costco

If you expect to be invited to your friends' party, you had better prepare in advance. I never come empty handed and if you don't want to bother finding gifts individually for every member of the family consider presenting a gift basket with various treats. I liked this Houdini Planter Gift Basket for $73.99 very much because there is something for everyone in it. Each basket is packed with delicious foods like salami, tapas, cookies, candy, jam and more.

Houdini Planter Gift Basket

There are also smaller gift bags available all crammed with mouth-watering goodies that would perfectly complement any holiday feast. Honey mustards, smoked cheese, candy and other treats are only some of the delicious foods you can find in Houdini Wood Crate Gift Baskets ($19.99).

Houdini Wood Crate Gift Baskets

Of course, it's impossible to imagine Christmas time without sweet gifts. Chocolate has traditionally been one of the best gifts for special occasions. And it is number one gift for kids as well. The choice of chocolate gift baskets is amazing.

Godiva Holiday Gift Baskets at Costco

Godiva signature chocolate gift baskets offer an assortment of chocolate bars and candy, from milk, white to dark chocolate. Each gift basket is beautifully packaged making it a perfect token of love and appreciation.

Godiva Basket at Costco

By the way, such holiday gift sets are a great way to sample a variety of Godiva chocolate treats and the chances are that you can find some truly rare finds which are not often available in stores.

Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

As I mentioned before Christmas is my favorite store for all my Christmas gifts. But if you have no Costco membership card don't get upset. Hickory Farms is also a great place to look for exclusive gift baskets. Their selection of products is huge and the prices are quite affordable.

If you haven't started looking for exclusive Christmas gifts you had better begin with writing the gift list. Just grab a piece of paper and a pen and list everyone you plan to congratulate this holiday season. If you want to get the best gift basket make sure you shop for gifts once they appear on the store shelves. As they say, an early bird catches the warm.

Starbucks Holiday Tumbler Gift Set