The Art of Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets for Family

When you want to surprise someone you love with a special gift you've got to be creative. I used to order gift baskets for my family and friends on special occasions, but lately I switched to making personalized gifts myself. For year I've been presenting gift baskets and have learned what they put inside. Mostly it's some biscuits, chocolate, jam, assortment of cheese or sausage, sauce, wine, snacks and a cutting board or a mug. Gift baskets for him may include grass-fed beef jerky with an assortment of cheese and sausage along with a bottle of wine or whiskey.

Gift Basket for Him

Gifts for her typically include a variety of chocolate, candy, marshmallow or cupcakes. Or it can be baked products with jam and other sweets. There is hardly something really surprising, plus you never know whether the person you send the gift basket to actually loves the products you present. It is always a guess, and you can only hope that it's exactly what the person would like to get.

Gift Baskets for Her

But then I was struck by an idea to create my own gift baskets and send them to my relatives and friends. But why would I bother to purchase the products as gifts, get the basket itself and all the packaging and decorative items, spend time to wrap it beautifully and send to the dearest people in my life?

Custom Made Cheese Platters

Of course, it's much easier and faster to order gift basket online. You save your time when you choose the gift and get it delivered, but I decided to upgrade my level of personalization and choose gifts for those I love by myself. Because I know my mom's favorite chocolate, biscuits and coffee and my dad's favorite whiskey. There are no guesses and the gifts they receive are exactly what they want.

Unique Gift Baskets

Plus, I can always enhance the level of personalization by including personalized products into my customized gift basket. How? I order personalized products as gifts at Personalization Mall and it doesn't cost a lot if I use a Personalization Mall coupon at the checkout or take advantage of Personalization Mall free shipping. Among the products I typically order are personalized cutting boards, aprons or mugs. Such personalized item in the gift basket makes the gift more personal and thoughtful, shows my appreciation and love.

Personalized Gift Basket

Of course, I don't always arrange gift baskets by myself. But if I have time and it's a special occasion for my dearest people, I try to make it exclusive. You can't deny the fact that when you get personalized gifts that have been thoughtfully handpicked you feel yourself special and you feel being loved. Such emotions are priceless, and they are sure worth some extra time it might take to get the gift prepared. All the efforts you put in making your own gift baskets will pay off in the happy eyes of those you love.

Birthday Gift Basket for Mom

I often order from Harry & David and Hickory Farms. So expect my very detailed reviews soon!